Interviewer: What kind of pets are you going to give Frances?
Courtney: A potbelly pig. Or we’re gonna have a saltwater aquarium. Today we were trying to think of what we can do to generate income. We were thinking about hippie baked goods. We were thinking Grungeville.
Kurt: Kurt and Courtney’s grunge cookies.
Courtney: Kurt and Courtney’s Nirvana Bars. Chocolate-covered Holes.

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"We were up there with Nirvana, and there was a competitiveness and a little bit of tension between us at that point.
Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic came out and told us there was a community jukebox between the backstage trailers, and he got upset that we were playing Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young songs and Beatles songs. So he put a sign on the jukebox telling us what we couldn’t play.
I was just, like, ready to fuckin’ tangle with him. Like, “Great! Perfect. Bring it on.”
We promptly loaded the thing up with everything he said we couldn’t play, so he’d come over and bump the jukebox during our songs.
Eventually it just got unplugged."
- Jeff Ament, talking about Pearl Jam/Nirvana/Red Hot Chili Peppers tour (Pearl Jam Twenty)

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